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Going Green with Refurbished MICR Toner & Cartridge Recycling

Over the past few years, small businesses everywhere have been turning towards greener, more environmentally sustainable practices. If environmental concerns alone weren’t enough to encourage businesses to “go green”, the US government offers attractive tax rebates and incentives for greener business operations. As awareness of pressing environmental issues spread, consumers are beginning to choose vendors based on their “green” qualities. Moving towards cleaner, more environmentally friendly operations and purchase decisions just makes sense for small businesses!

But going green can have its challenges, and one of the biggest challenges many businesses face lies with purchasing office supplies. Paper suppliers and office supply manufacturers have traditionally relied on virgin materials, and recycling is fairly new to most business offices and office equipment suppliers. Laser ink toner in particular poses a challenge to environmentally conscious businesses, as toner cartridges require parts to have precision accuracy for high quality printing, and ink cartridges can be difficult to recycle.

The same is true for MICR toner cartridges, which are rarely recycled. To make matters worse, OEM MICR toner manufacturers discourage businesses and individuals from buying refurbished MICR cartridges made from partially recycled materials, claiming that refurbished MICR toner print quality is inferior to OEM cartridges made from virgin materials. While this may be true in many cases, a MICR toner cartridge’s accuracy and quality depends on its manufacturing standards, not on whether or not its materials are 100% new.

At MICR Toner USA, we feel that environmental responsibility is important - especially for businesses and manufacturers. We also believe that being “green” doesn’t have to mean sacrificing product quality. That’s why we’ve combined OEM-quality manufacturing standards with a mix of recycled and virgin materials in our MICR toner cartridge manufacturing processes. By adhering to strict OEM manufacturing procedures and rigorous quality testing standards, we’ve made sure every one of our MICR toner cartridges offers the same level of print quality - or higher - as OEM toner, while greening our operations with the use of partially recycled materials.

But true environmental sustainability isn’t only about the manufacturing process; it’s also about what happens after products have been used. To help businesses stay green even after their MICR toner purchase, we include free empty cartridge recycling with every MICR order by including a free return shipping label. This label can be used to ship empty cartridges to an ink cartridge recycling facility which turns used cartridges into park benches.

Have more questions about going green with our quality remanufactured MICR toner cartridges? Drop us a line! For more green office supplies, visit our sister company Renu Services, an online vendor which specializes in environmentally sustainable office supplies.

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